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The Galloway After School Program (GASP) is a socialization, life skills, and activity group for adolescents and young adults in East Toronto who have been diagnosed with Autism or a mild to moderate developmental challenge.

Participants will learn life skills such as cooking, street-safety, hygiene, managing and understanding emotions, and healthy relationships. GASP helps meet individual needs and provides a safe, structured, and fun environment where they can learn and develop more independence skills. Activities and outings encourage a sense of cooperation, responsibility, and achievement.

The program operates under the principles of ABA to understand behaviour and to help develop goals for the youth, with a focus on learning and the enhancement of social and life skill development. Youth are assigned Primary Workers are responsible for the ongoing monitoring on the progress of goals.

The program runs two afternoons a week during the school year – approximately seven hours per week. The staffing ratio is one staff member per four youth.

Steps to access the program:

  1. Call the program at 416-724-7444 or to start the intake process
  2. Set up an intake appointment to discuss the program, its cost structure, suitability and interest
  3. Complete required paperwork; support to complete can be provided